Cloudberry Collective

Night sky with written the word “Unlearn” as a constellation
What we believe in
Cloudberry Collective emerged as a community that came together to challenge colonial relations in Sápmi. We move together to engage with multi-front anti-colonial struggles. We dream together for visions rooted in centuries of resistance and kept alive in practices of the present.
About our work

Supporting grassroots activities

Cloudberry Collective develops, nurtures and supports anti-colonial action and decolonial initiatives in Europe. We are guided in this work by frontline communities: those closest to the hurt of current systems. System change cannot be achieved when the West merely empathises with these struggles. We all must address the implications that these systems have on our identities, collective relationships, and structures. 

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the mutual aid fund

Diverting Resources

Our work is about returning resources to frontline communities, especially from those of us in privileged positions – having access to media, experts and funding possibilities. Consequently, we are creating specific structures that ensure different stakeholders can hold us accountable in our commitment to anti-colonial and decolonial struggles. We build on our connection with funders/people-with-wealth to raise an additional 30% for each funding application. In conversation with the core team of the collective, our Advisory Board will decide what BIPOC people/communities will receive these unconditional resources.

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