About Us

Starry sky, part 1 of 3

Cloudberry Collective started as a conversation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists, protectors and dreamers.

Silhouettes of people talking and looking up, part 2 of 3

Cloudberry Collective is a community built on trust, with the aspiration to keep alive the conversation that brought us together.

 Roots of cloudberry flowers extend downwards in a mirrored starry sky, part 3 of 3

Cloudberry Collective shares a long term commitment to decolonize, re-indigenize, learn and unlearn together.

Cloudberry Collective initiates, facilitates and supports decolonial activities. The collective organizes structures and platforms to facilitate dynamic action according to emerging needs. When we dream and act together, we prioritize collective liberation for the global majority above those of a privileged Western minority. Those of us who benefit the most from colonial structures have a duty to leverage our privileged positions and redistribute resources.

In Cloudberry Collective we stay with discomfort and we let it guide us: we recognize the differences between us, but we choose to not let them dictate the ways in which we can come together in commonality. We cultivate the discomfort into knowledge, positive progress and unlearning opportunities.

When we reach out to people and groups on the frontlines to ask for help or guidance, they are compensated for their work and efforts (this applies to the Advisory Board, see below).


The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a core element of our collective’s organizational structure. The Advisory Board offers feedback, knowledge and strategic input. They also have the full mandate to make decisions regarding the Mutual Aid Fund. The Advisory Board consists of 3 people from BIPOC communities with insight and experience working with social movements. The first 3 advisors were approached by the collective’s core volunteers in summer of 2021, and convened for the first time during autumn 2021. The Advisory Board members are a crucial part of the collective, and are compensated for their labour to support the collective work.

The current 3 members of the Advisory Board are:
Sunná Káddjá Valkeapää (they/them)
Jorge María Londoño (they/them)
Heather Milton Lightening (she/her)

The community

The Current Volunteers

The people who have come together in this collective have many years of experience organizing on different justice-related issues and making art with an anti-colonial approach. At this point, the core group consists of people who are part of colonial majority societies. We rely on long-term relations and experience from supporting multi-front anti-colonial struggles, following the guidance, knowledge and work emerging from our network of BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour).

At the moment the volunteers running the collective (answering emails, organising workshops and looking for funding) are:

Olivia, Florian, Maria, Emma, Marina and Pao.